Prosophobia- Fear of progress

We see progress in our surroundings every day, and progress is what we aim for in our lives. But there are some people who fear progress and this fear is called prosophobia and this fear is usually related with the fear of change or new things.

People who are scared of progress are those who are usually scared of the unknown. People might have been conditioned by their religious beliefs that change is something that can disrupt their normally peaceful life and they would prefer a laid back and primitive way of living, free from the distractions of cell phones and computers for instance, and can be seen in the Amish people for example or those living in the tribes in the jungle. For some, they believe that progress can hasten the end of the world because progress usually entails destruction of mother earth thus doomsday is at their reach.
People with this fear would prefer using primitive stuff or would refuse to have a cell phone or a computer. They will prefer the old pen and paper approach or may even send mail via post or air mail than sending an email which can convey their message across the globe in a few seconds.

Treatment of this phobia should comprise of education with psychotherapy. Medications for anxiety and depression may be helpful in some patients.