Proctophobia- Fear of rectums

Rectophobia, or proctophobia is the fear of the rectum or rectal disease. This fear is fairly common especially in persons who have had a personal experience of having any of these rectal disease.

Most commonly, people with this phobia have experienced hemorrhoids for instance and thus they had painful and excruciating bowel movements thus causing them to fear rectal disease. Others might have family members of friends who was diagnosed to have rectal cancer and had to go through anal resection with colostomy and thus they subsequently believe that any changes in their bowel habits could mean cancer or other more serious diseases of the rectum.

One might have also undergone colonosocopy or proctoscopy, or a simple digital anal exam and thus they fear any manipulation of their rectum or anus subsequently.

Persons with this fear may have an obsession with their bowel movement and would worry if they have any changes in their stool characteristics, habits, or if they experience any discomfort or pain in their rectum. Those who fear disease more than the fear of manipulation would subject themselves to having frequent colonoscopy examinations to make sure that there are no masses growing in their rectum.

Treatment may be in the form of proper education of rectal disease in these patients.