Politicophobia- Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians

There are some who have a fear and almost hatred for politicians. Their fear is known as Politicophobia.

This fear is often the result of a behavior observed in someone an individual trusts. They may have grown up in a family that was unnaturally suspicious of politicians.

The fear can also be part of a first-hand experience. Those who have a profound dislike of politicians may exit society by developing survivalist colonies with other like-minded men and women or may even develop plans to violently remove politicians from office either by physical removal or assassination.

There may be visible unease or anger if a news show is heard or seen that includes comments from a politician they fear. Other symptoms include being profoundly anxious, an urge to pace or act in some way, air hunger, trembling, tense muscles, sweating, feeling as though you’ve lost control, feeling as though others do not see the danger or understand your concern.

It may not help initially, but it is important to remember that politicians are elected by the will of the people and while they are chosen to reflect the will of the people they are still allowed to vote their own personal conscience. This might be in direct opposition to how one would like to see them vote.

A visit with a therapist can also help come to terms with the reasons and constructive ways to address your frustration and fear.