Pneumatiphobia- Fear of spirits

The fear of spirits it is known as Pneumatiphobia. Spirits are based in something that may not be understood. That sense of the unknown is the primary fear motivator in Pneumatiphobia.

In many cases the fear of spirits may rest in family stories about a house that is haunted by spirits. The stories may run from something as benign as a chair that rocks on its own to something more nefarious.

One can come by this phobia as a result of seeing the fear lived out in the lives of someone who convincingly shares tales of their experience and unintentionally invites others to join in their phobia.

Those who have this fear may avoid areas they believe spirits dwell or they may avoid dark places or circumstances where others have suggested spirits may reside. Other symptoms include elevated or irregular heartbeat, air hunger, trembling, a sense of paranoia, anxiety or panic attack, nausea, sweating.

This fear can get to the point where individuals begin to see things that may not be there. Their minds may create apparitions that are only in the minds of the pneumatiphobe. A therapist can help a pneumatiphobe come to terms with the source of the fear as being something that has not proven harmful and while it is misunderstood it may not require a fearful response.