Placophobia – Fear of tombstones

Placophobia is an intense, irrational worry of cemeteries and of tombstones or grave markers. The placophobic person may be intensely frightened of death. This person may additionally fear anything related to death, akin to caskets or a hearse. The individual coping with this phobia may avoid going to the cemetery service of a liked one or could avoid ever visiting the grave.

What Causes Placophobia?

As is the case with all phobias, the particular person coping with Placophobia has experienced a real-life trauma. That traumatic expertise is then robotically and consistently associated with cemeteries and tombstones.

Maybe the particular person coping with this phobia is superstitious concerning the dead and with symbols related to death. Perhaps the placophobic individual skilled the death of a liked one and the cemetery service that followed. Maybe, as a child, the person coping with Placophobia was frightened at Halloween by made up scenes in cemeteries. Perhaps this particular person watched the negative and fearful reactions of others and learned to imitate that response.

Whatever the cause, the individual impacted by Placophobia can expertise anxiety and emotional turmoil that is completely disruptive of their skill to function.