Phthiriophobia- Fear of lice

There are two common type of lice that affects humans, body lice or pediculosis caused by Pediculosis hominis, and pubic lice or Phthirus pubis. Phthiriophobia is defined as the fear of lice and this fear is not entirely irrational.

Body lice, may it be lice on the head, body, or pubic area is completely annoying and they may be difficult to treat. For those how had been infested with these creatures, they have experienced unbearable scratching and excoriations that they found difficult to treat and was extremely humiliating and embarrassing. Having this infestation can be caused by poor hygiene and thus these people who might have been accidentally infested are scared that they will be labeled as one who does not like to keep themselves clean.

Pubic lice is also considered a sexually transmitted disease and this particular species of lice prefers thick hairs and thus may also be found in your eyebrows, or hairs of your armpits. People with this fear may also have an exaggerated image of these creatures in their minds thus they fear lice.

These people will avoid close contact with other people, especially in crowded places for fear that being close to another who might potentially be infested can also infect them.
Treatment of these lice usually requires repeated treatments and may be difficult to eradicate. They should be taught proper hygiene and eradication of the infestation helps in alleviating their fears.