Paraskavedekatriaphobia – a terrible fear of a Friday that falls on 13th

Many people worldwide have a terrible fear of a Friday that falls on 13th. Psychologists have named this worry Paraskavedekatriaphobia. Those people who suffer with the worry of Fridays that falls on thirteenth are known as the victims of Paraskavedekatriaphobia by the psychologists. Paraskavedekatriaphobia has been derived from two Greek words Paraskevi and dekatries which means Friday and 13 respectively. The phrase was derived in 1911 and it was first published in 1953 in a mainstream communication medium.
According to a folk story which has been passed from generation to generation by way of oral traditions, the fear and the superstition is a merger of two previous superstitions. According to these theorists, Paraskavedekatriaphobia is fear which has developed because of the superstitious belief that since 13 is an unlucky number and Friday is an unfortunate day so each Friday which has the date 13 will also be awfully unlucky.
According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in North Carolina, nearly 17 to 21 million folks in United States are suffering from this fear and hence because of this the businesses in America suffers as people do not travel or do company deals on the Fridays which falls on 13th. Experts from the Phobia institute estimates $800 $900 million are misplaced in business.
Experts say that we should give attention to the optimistic things which happened on such Fridays instead of trying back on unhealthy things and getting afraid of them.