Pagophobia is an intense, irrational fear of ice and frost

The pagophobic individual could fear injuring themselves by slipping on ice or frost. At its most extreme, the individual suffering with Pagophobia may refuse to leave their house when ice or frost is observed outside.
Pagophobia derives from the Greek phrase “paggos”, that means ice and “phobos” which means fear.
Pagophobia is caused by a traumatic event sooner or later in their life. That traumatic experience is then constantly and mechanically associated with ice and frost.
Perhaps the pagophobic individual always lived in a heat climate and then suddenly, for whatever reason, moved to a climate where ice and frost is to be expected. Maybe the particular person coping with this phobia did expertise slipping on the ice and being injured or maybe they had been frost bitten at some point. Perhaps others reacted in a negative, fearful way in response to ice or frost and the pagophobic individual realized to imitate that response.
Whatever the cause, the pagophobic person can expertise anxiety and emotional turmoil that’s completely disruptive to their capability to function.
The symptoms of Pagophobia are individual and will vary. Some people, when confronted with their concern of ice and frost, may begin to perspire, feel barely uncomfortable or turn out to be nauseated. At the other end of the spectrum, other persons are so severely compromised by this phobia, that they could experience full-blown nervousness and/or panic attacks.