Osmophobia or Osphresiophobia- Fear of smells or odors

Olfactophobia is the fear of smells and is considered to be a specific phobia, and is otherwise known as osmophobia or osphresiophobia.
Almost all of us have particular smells that we dislike.

For instance, one might be repulsed by the smell of jack fruit which is considered by many as a delicacy. Some might also dislike the smell of roses and flower-scented perfumes which is considered nice by many people.

This fear could be due to the conditioned response one has regarding a particular scent. This could be a conditioned response such as one family member feels like vomiting whenever she or he smells jack fruit and you also get this particular response because you were inclined to react in the same way. One might have also had a traumatic experience such as having a terror teacher who reeked of vanilla-scented perfume and you unconsciously feel scared every time you smell the scent.

Others could have been involved in an accident and they develop panic attacks every time they smell the scent of burning tires.
Symptoms of anxiety manifest in these people and will cover their noses most of the time to avoid smelling. Treatment may include psychotherapy, specifically behavioral psychotherapy and desensitization. Medications are rarely needed in these patients.