Orthophobia- Fear of property

We all want to own things and it is impossible for one not to own anything even just one’s clothes but there are some people with the irrational fear of owning property and these people are called orthophobes.

This fear is usually caused by political, religions, philosophical or personal beliefs. For instance, one might have been brought up to be someone who is simple and is taught that owning things, especially big properties is just a cause of problems. Others might have been brought up in a home where you are told that you do not own anything but everything in the house is common property and you grow up living comfortably with this idea that you are not directly responsible for anything thus this fear of personal property.

Others might have lost their properties in a fire for instance that caused them great loss. This devastation has brought them to think that owning things will just cause them anxiety and fear thus they will prefer not to own anything.

People with this fear will not buy anything for themselves and will always claim that the things they have are just borrowed and not really theirs. Treatment includes psychotherapy for this subset of people and medications are rarely given.