Ornithophobia- Fear of birds

Those who have a fear or dread of birds are said to have ornithophobia. Generally, people find birds to be adorable and beautiful.

This phobia is common and it can take root from the frightening, alien images of birds portrayed by the media. Ravens are one among such birds that have a gruesome image. These birds can often be a reason of fright for those with ornithophonia.

Similar to other such phobias, ornithophobia can include a damaging encounter with the feared bird. Many people, with or without a full-blown phobia, are cautious of bird bites in places that are frequently populated by birds.

Birds including vultures are forceful symbols of death. The large sea gulls or the predatory falcons can become ornithophobia causes leading to anxiety. A harmful encounter that has happened to someone else can also become a cause as in learned phobias. Birds are known to fly into open windows and cause quite a scene. If elders present at such an instance become nervous, others present could also take a cue and this can trigger a phobia.

Large birds make loud and menacing sounds and seem fearless of humans. For a phobic person, a dim lit sky packed with croaky birds can become a terrifying sight. An ornithophobe can suffer from ornithophobia symptoms such as getting frantic when birds get too close, so they often try their best to shun situations where birds are present.

Exposure therapy, behavioral therapy, psychotherapy as well as anti-depressants are some of the effective methods utilized to treat an ornithophobic.