Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes

Ophidiophobia is the overwhelming fear of snakes. Often, people think about snakes as always being poisonous and dangerous. Though this may be true sometimes, it is important to know that every snake is not deadly, and the ones that are venomous will not always attack you every time there a confrontation. Adults with ophidiophobia generally realize that their fears are products of their thoughts and that their fear may be more or less baseless.

Ophidiophobic people are wary about snakes and are on a constant vigil especially when they are outdoors such as in camps. They may want to ensure and check many times prior to entering a room or corners. Their fear about snakes is generally rooted in childhood events that has caused trauma. The affected individual tends to visualize and remember the incident with an increased magnitude and in great detail.

Depending on the intensity of the fear, symptoms may vary among individuals. While some people get afraid only on exposure to snakes, some dread snake photos or images and some with an extreme fear of snakes may even not like any mention about snakes.

An effective method for ophidiophobia treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy. During the course of this therapy, a person is encouraged to speak about the fear to a therapist. Such conversation may include past encounters with snakes, childhood events that caused trauma or dreams related to the object of fear. Gradually, with improvement, the patient gains enough confidence to live a normal life without fear of snakes.