Oenophobia- Fear of wines

Wine is considered the drink of the Gods for some, and it is usually coveted by some, especially of the lower class in the past because it was considered as the drink of the rich. There are some people with this irrational fear of wine and it is called oenophobia.

For some, this fear is associated with the fear of alcoholic beverages and intoxication. For others, the fear of wine may stem from the fear of having to choose wine for a party for instance and chose a bad wine and was blamed by the host, or was made to drink a lot of wine that caused one to be extremely intoxicated and was unable to control the symptoms of intoxication such as vomiting and disinhibition.

This fear is not common because not a lot of people care about wine. This is more a phobia of the rich and the upper class. Patients may display symptoms of anxiety such as palpitations, tremors, shortness of breath, and may repulse the idea of drinking wine. If they accidentally drink wine, they will vomit, and may have severe abdominal pain.

Treatment includes behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy. Medications are not usually needed.