Ochophobia- Fear of vehicles

Nowadays we are used to getting inside the bus, behind the wheel and it is way comfortable to drive or ride a vehicle rather than walk. For some people, this could be a trigger for anxiety and this is ochophobia or motorphobia.

People who have this fear can even be afraid being around a vehicle and for these people, vehicles can simply not be trusted and therefore be feared since it is deemed as a potential harm.

This fear can be due to the fact that documentaries of early attempts of flight or early automobiles were seemed to be destined for dissolution. It is also from a personal experience wherein the person witnesses a lane or car crash where a loved one is involved.

The two primary sources of fear development apply here as well. In the first case an individual may have been personally involved in an accident involving a vehicle. In the second case small instances of fear were magnified by an older individual who lived with the fear.

A person with this phobia may most likely like to walk rather than ride any vehicle and they may also feel anxious in places where there are passing vehicles. This can leave the individual feeling as if they are losing their mind because they can’t concentrate on anything besides the vehicles they encounter. Many individuals who have this fear will resist or even refuse to go outdoors if there are vehicles present.

In order to overcome this fear you will need to go back to the thing that originally caused the fear. The list can go on, but a therapist will need to know what caused this fear to start in order to help you come to terms with the fear and avoid its grip in the future.