Numerophobia- Fear of numbers

Fear of numbers is an irrational fear because we deal with numbers every day of our lives, from telling the time, measuring stuff, credit cards, money among other things. But some people are overwhelmed by the numbers around them and this is called numerophobia.

This fear could have been brought about by trauma as a child, for instance when one was forced to do difficult math problems, or when they were punished and made to count from 1 to 100,000 for instance out loud in front of the class. One might have been asked to do a math problem also in front of the class and did not get it right and was humiliated by the teacher. Another cause would be forgetting the correct phone number of a very important person and missing one’s chance at getting to know that person. Others could have made a mistake counting money and was made to pay for the money he was not able to count.

Numerophobes get extremely anxious when faced with numbers. They will refuse to count money, tell the time, dial phone numbers and may be extremely anxious to the point of becoming introverts. They may benefit from behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy but medications may usually be beneficial in these patients.