Nucleomituphobia- Fear of nuclear weapons

The fear of nuclear weapons is not entirely an irrational fear because nuclear weapons for a fact causes great devastation. The effects of nuclear weapons can have long-term effects and is usually used in time of war. This fear of nuclear weapons is called nucleomituphobia.

Nuclear warfare was developed because of different countries trying to prove who is more powerful. In 1950, a video called “Duck and Cover” which was launched as a public safety campaign. The effects of nuclear weapons could have been exaggerated thus causing the fear in people. Some might have heard the horror stories at Hiroshima thus aggravating this fear of nuclear weapons.

People with this phobia may have had a loved one die in the midst of nuclear warfare thus causing the trauma. Patients with this phobia will have a bomb shelter made in their houses even if the possibility of nuclear warfare in our times now is very unlikely. They will show symptoms of anxiety when faced with pictures or movies about nuclear weapons and nuclear warfare which includes palpitations, shortness of breath, tremors. Some may opt to stay indoors for fear that nuclear weapons will be launched in the sky anytime.

Treatment includes psychotherapy. Medications for anxiety may be given to those with severe debilitating symptoms.