Nosocomephobia – defined because the excessive worry of hospitals

Nosocomephobia comes from the the Greek language, nosokemeion- which means hospital and phobos being irrational fear.

Nosocomephobia is an overwhelming, irrational worry of hospitals. The nosocomephobic individual could refrain from going to the hospital out of concern of contracting illness or disease. Some people coping with this phobia might associate hospitals with tragic illnesses, accidents, even death. In its excessive form, the particular person compromised with Nosocomephobia will avoid visiting family members who have been hospitalized and/or will refuse to attend medical appointments scheduled on the hospital.
What Causes Nosocomephobia?

As is the case with all phobias, the particular person suffering with Nosocomephobia has skilled some tragedy at some time in their life. That traumatic expertise is then consistently and mechanically associated with hospitals.

Maybe the nosocomephobic person has suffered a serious injury or illness that resulted in hospitalization. Perhaps this individual has personal information of another person who was hospitalized and finally died. Maybe the individual compromised by Nosocomephobia is delicate to the antiseptic smell of hospitals or intensely squeamish around all of the medical gear in use at the hospital. Perhaps, this individual watched the damaging and fearful reactions of others when confronted with having to go to hospital and easily learned to imitate that response.