Nephophobia – the exaggerated or irrational concern of clouds

The prefix nepho- is derived from the Greek phrase nephos that means ‘cloud’. Clouds in the sky and even cloud photos may cause extreme anxiety.

Nephophobia may need been a result from a traumatic event or it is heredity or genetics. Many phobias will be traced back from a triggering event, usually a traumatic experience at a young age. It can be believed that heredity, genetics, and brain chemistry mix with life-experiences to play a significant role within the development of phobias.

Symptoms of Nephophobia
The checklist of indicators and symptoms mentioned in numerous sources for Nephophobia contains the 11 symptoms listed below:

* Irrational worry of
* Feeling of panic
* Feeling of terror
* Feeling of dread
* Rapid heartbeat
* Shortness of breath
* Nausea
* Dry mouth
* Trembling
* Anxiety
* Extreme avoidance measures taken

Treatment of Nephophobia

One of the important thing methods used to handle any concern is to come back to a spot of full understanding of the very factor you concern most. This will not always alleviate your concern completely, however it is always a optimistic first step.

However if this phobia will disturb your normal activity it’s best to search help. The treatments of necrophobia contains behavioral therapy, anti-anxiety medication, psychotherapy, Cognitive-behavioral remedy (CBT), exposure therapy, relaxation methods – controlled breathing, visualization, and medication. However medications to deal with anxiety