Nelophobia – the acute and irrational concern of glass

What Causes Nelophobia?
As with most fears therapists can usually track this phobia to a traumatic occasion involving glass. This will be something that was personally observed, mentioned among others or happened personally.
For instance if an individual who lives with nelophobia saw someone fall by a window or was ejected by way of auto glass in an accident they may be understandably traumatized by the memory. That reminiscence when entertained lengthy enough interprets to a full-blown fear of glass.
When a similar incident occurs personally the fear is amplified and could also be a totally vested worry almost instantly after the event takes place. Treatment of the concern early on could provide the best opportunity for a relatively quick reversal of the fear.
Symptoms of Nelophobia:
Some who concern glass will have difficulty driving a glass-encased elevator. They may not concern elevators, however the overriding fear of glass may make it seem that is true. They might have trouble riding in automobiles or searching windows. Again, it could be believed that they’ve a concern of windows, however the root cause could also be glass.
Other Symptoms

* A rise in physique temperature
* Air Hunger
* Anger
* Elevated coronary heart rate
* Fainting
* Loss of bodily functions in severe cases
* Nausea
* Panic attacks

These signs can turn out to be more acute if the individual does not have somebody close by to assist them by means of it with empathy and compassion. When somebody who has a phobia is made fun of throughout an episode it may be embarrassing, but it could also doubtlessly enlarge the worry and symptomatic episodes to a fair greater degree.