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Nebulaphobia – an abnormal concern of fog or clouds

The word Nebulaphobia comes from the Greek word nebula which suggests fog or cloud and phobia which implies fear.

The people suffering from Nebulaphobia are afraid of clouds in the sky and even cloud photos can cause extreme anxiety.

Fog is simply the result of clouds that have fashioned low to the ground or as the results of vapor rising from water that’s warmer than the air round it. Fog by itself isn’t an object that may harm an individual. However, Nebulaphobia might stem from the concern of what may come out of the fog. This concern resonates with those who fear what they cannot see and fog can go away them feeling blind.

Nebulaphobia may need been a result from a traumatic event or its heredity or genetics. Many phobias will be traced again from a triggering event, often a traumatic experience at a young age. It can be believed that heredity, genetics, and brain chemistry combine with life-experiences to play a major role in the development of phobias.

Symptoms of Nebulaphobia are:

* Air hunger
* An acute sense of dread
* An inability to instantly rationalize the fear
* Anxiety or panic attack
* Elevated body temperature and sweating
* Elevated or irregular coronary heart rates
* Nausea
* Screaming
* Temporary lack of control of bodily functions

One of the important thing methods used to handle any worry is to come back to a place of full understanding of the very thing you concern most. This will not at all times alleviate your fear completely, nevertheless it is all the time a optimistic first step.

In the early phases of overcoming your fear you may need to endure a trip in a car with a trusted friend or family member as the driver. You won’t be solely comfortable, but certainly more so than for those who had to drive yourself.

Some fears can be lessened through using prescribed drugs. However, many who are suffering from fears might gain profit from skilled therapy, counseling and assist groups.