Mythophobia- Fear of myths or stories or false statements

Myths are often fun to listen to especially when we enjoy them from a historical perspective. Gods and demigods and their prowess are often topics of movies and people marvel on their powers most of the time and children even portray their favorite character. Most people appreciate myths since they can somewhat explain our very own existence and how things came to be. There are some who have unreasonable fear of myths and they are called mythophobia.

Causes of this myth can be due to religious beliefs that are contrary to their beliefs or religious instructions. This fear can also be something organic and that the person may fear that characters in the story could come to life and harm them.

This individual will not read mythological stories and they will refuse to attend most theatrical events. There can be a profound sense of personal frustration that happens within the mythophobe. This fear can be dealt with by a therapist who can demonstrate techniques designed to control your fear and can help you learn new ways to respond to that fear.