Myrmecophobia- Fear of ants

Aversion to insects is natural, it is a human instinct and has been for hundreds of thousands of years. On the other hand, phobia is not instinctive. Aversion, however, can turn into phobia, which is irrational and immense fear. Fear of ants is called as Myrmecophobia and is usually part of a wider fear of insects known as Entomophobia.

Causes of this can include traumatic exposure to such animals or a behavioral conditioning as well. A person with this phobia is likely to experience enough anxiety upon viewing or otherwise coming into contact with an insect that he or she experiences a full-blown series of panic attacks. With extreme cases, the individual may lose consciousness for a short period of time. Uncontrollable weeping or a strong desire to flee from the area are also common signs that indicate an individual is suffering with this particular phobia.

Treatment includes desensitization, counseling and even hypnosis. Options for this phobia include treatment series that is designed to address the degree of severity exhibited by the patient. Similar to other phobias, the treatments usually make use of both ongoing therapy and counseling coupled with the use of medications to provide some degree of relief from the symptoms. Medication can help to minimize the frequency and strength of panic attacks upon seeing a bug, while therapy can often identify the underlying causes and eventually defuse their power to trigger a reaction.