Mycrophobia- Fear of small things

In our modern world, the smaller and the more handy, the better. Everything becomes “compact” and can be hand held. While most of us enjoy these advancements, some who are mycrophobic are afraid of these small things.

Knowing someone who has this fear can also affect the person in fearing the same thing. The more you trust their judgment the greater the likelihood that you will adopt their perspective on the fear of small things. There is a profound sense of the unknown that causes many to fear small objects – even those objects that may be beneficial in most situations.

Individuals with this fear often prefer appliances that are huge rather than those that are small. As with most phobias the fear of small things will find an individual avoiding those things that are reduced in size. This phobic personality will not like surprises so having items that are large enough to easily see will provide them with a sense of comfort and reassurance.

It may be reasonable to come to terms with the understanding that fearing smaller objects may not make sense in light of the fact that you can either control smaller objects or influence their direction.

A therapist can help you redirect the reaction by teaching you to send data to logic part of your brain without always allowing the emotional part of your brain to dictate a response. This is important because every individual does have the ability to manage a response. This is enhanced when the individual understands why they fear. A therapist can also be instrumental in learning the reasons for the existence of the fear.