Mottephobia- Fear of moths

Moths are wonderful creatures but for some, it can trigger fear and this is called mottephobia. Moths in many parts of the world have reputation of ruining crops and woodlands. They also tend to ruin fibers in human clothing. Maybe for this reason, moths are despised. Although they have a bad reputation, it should also be known that other moths are harmless and do not even have mouths at all and feed only on nectar. People who have this phobia may have traumatic memories involving moths such as seeing a huge cluster of moths against the wall.

Others developed their fear of moths in childhood. Some people have memories of their older siblings teasing them with moths, and bring them very close to their faces. They have vivid flashbacks of the beating wings and squirming bodies of captured moths.

Terror, nervousness, dizziness, and heart palpitations are some of the common symptoms of Mottephobia. Some people will experience true panic attacks when they come in contact with moths. Many people who fear moths scream when one seems to appear out of nowhere. They may cry or feel nauseous during and after the encounter.

Talking to a sensitive, qualified mental health care professional will help to release anxiety and gain perspective. Cognitive therapy and tapping therapy have been known to work with varying degrees of success.