Monophobia- Fear of solitude or being alone

People who usually live in the big city will always try to find places of solitude where they can be alone with nature and get away from the busy, crowded city life. Nuns, monks and priest have the same tranquility when they are in a monastery. For most of us, experiencing this tranquility is calming and a time to rejuvenate but for some, being alone is quite fearful and is termed as monophobia. This fear can often be related to other fears such as fear of being neglected or fear of the dark or any other fear that would require the presence of someone else.

This fear can result when one is exposed to a frightening situation alone. You relate this fear as an indicator that you should never be alone in the future.

This personality will always find other people to hang out with or befriend in order not to be alone. They will always seek out a roommate just to ease their fear. They are usually uneasy when they are at home alone. People who have this fear may usually stay engaged with other people.

The fear these individuals experience has nothing to do with the presence of something they fear, but the lack of someone to help keep the fear away.

A therapist is a great resource for individuals to access help related to their phobia. The therapist can help you see how the fear is affecting your life and why the fear is causing such anxiety. Getting to the bottom of your fear will be key to finding success in effectively dealing with that fear now – and in the future.