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Metrophobia- Fear or hatred of poetry

Poetry is part of our heritage and it consists of a unique blend of written words associated with music. The words spoken evoke memory of time, place or person and can leave the reader feel joyful, sad or angry. While some of us find it nice to read poetry, other fear it and this is known as Metrophobia.

As beautiful as poetry may be there may be misunderstandings about the genre that can leave some feeling as if they are vulnerable. Reading poetry may take the person reading it to the place or event that can be traumatic to the person and can therefore fear it.

This may be associated with the content itself or the feeling that you are vulnerable for ridicule if you don’t happen to understand what the poem is about. For some it can seem as if there is a great deal of hidden meaning within the words. This can leave them feeling fearful that others will condemn them for their lack of understanding.
Individuals who fear poetry will be very careful about greeting cards that they buy and may hesitate to read any poetry. They may avoid bookstores, coffee shops or online locations where they suspect poetry will be available.

Gaining a greater understanding of poetry is an important step in recovery. For many metrophobes the fear can come from simply not understanding the ways poetry gets its message across to the reader.

Therapists consider this a positive approach because it allows the individual to personally acknowledge they have a fear, and that fear is wrapped up in the words of poetry. Once this is recognized and accepted the phobic personality can begin to follow the fear back to its origin in an effort to understand the fear, and find the help they need to succeed.