Meteorophobia- Fear of meteors

Most of us love the sight of falling stars at night or even the sight of meteor showers and we usually make a wish when we see one. For us, this is a very pleasurable experience but for those who respond with fear, there can be much anxiety. When someone has an unnatural fear of meteorites (falling stars) they are said to suffer from Meteorophobia.

This fear may have sprung from news or articles describing meteors that have struck households and businesses. To obsess about the possibility of being hit can lead to phobias. Anyone who has lived around someone with this fear can possess a reluctant, but growing acceptance of the same fear.

This individual will not want to go out at night. They will avoid anything that takes place after dark. Some may elect to construct a safe room in their home they may use as a bedroom to avoid any potential of being struck by a meteorite. What may seem excessive to some is often considered prevention to the phobic personality.

Understanding your own fear and the chances of how many get hit by meteors should be put to mind.

If the fear is not alleviated then you should consider whether therapy might be helpful in learning more about your fear and how to manage your phobic response. Therapy helps remove the layers until you finally discover the block at the bottom of the pile. The reasons for that fear may help explain all current fears.