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Metallophobia- Fear of metal

Most of our surroundings such as the construction of automobiles, food storage cans, pipes and cooking utensils have the same element-metal. With this element, medals, swords and zippers can be made. For most of us, it just something that is usually taken for granted for its existence but for some, it is something that is noteworthy and become obsessed with metal and ultimately fear it. This fear is known as Metallophobia.

Handcuffs, prison bars, the sharp edge of a sword, the heated rim of a pan, or the weight of a steel beam. Each metal object can elicit a sense of anxiety.

Persons who have horrifying events with large structures that is made of metal or even if its just small objects that bring the person back to a terrible memory can cause fear and great anxiety.

While an individual may not be able to live in a world without metal an individual with this fear may be inclined to be very careful about the metal they encounter. For instance they might be okay with metal components in a toaster, but will want a plastic exterior. They will avoid going to areas where metal will be present that they do fear.
Certainly understanding the benefits of metal and the safety of metal when used correctly can help, but it may not be enough.

Visiting a therapist can provide the help you need to understand why you fear metal. You may need to learn how to manage the fear response and a therapist can be a great resource in learning how to adjust your thinking to adapt to a more measured reaction. This is important because when the fear is left unchecked there can be an acceleration of emotional response allowing the fear to seem even larger.