Menophobia- Fear of menstruation

Many young girls experience puberty and become fearful of having their first menstruation. This biological process is natural for young girls and it represents a new state of fertility. While some young women embrace these changes, others dread the process. If you have phobia about menstruation, you can probably be Menophobic.

Lack of education may oftentimes be the reason why girls fear menstruation. If a young woman is not prepared in a positive way, she may be frightened by her own menstrual flow. Sometimes, hearing from friends about how painful it is or the pre-mentrual syndrome can cause great anxiety for a woman who is expecting her menses. Mood swings, phases of weepiness or anger, and bloating and swelling of the abdomen and legs or common. These all contribute to a feeling of dread regarding menstruation.

The bleeding that comes with periods can be quite heavy, and it can be repulsive to women. They may grow to fear the flow that emanates from their own bodies. Heavy periods can be cause for alarm.
Sometimes, women will have experienced intense shame and embarrassment when stains from their periods appear on their pants or skirt. It is not always possible to know when your period will start, and it can be shaming to have the outside world see blood stains.

Many women with Menophobia may need counselling in order to feel better about what is happening to their bodies. Young girls and women should always be able to talk to a sensitive doctor, nurse or trusted friend about their feelings of dread.

Psychotherapy is key with persistent cases of Menophobia. It’s important for anyone who fears periods to realize they are simply an unavoidable fact of life. If pain is a factor, prescriptions should be obtained to make menstruation tolerable.