Meningitophobia- Fear of brain disease

Our brain is the central processing unit of our entire body and it is so complex that it can perform the most intricate and advance functions not even computers can top. The mind not only logically processes the data, but can assign an emotion to the input. Some people fear mental disease even if there is no apparent evidence of the disease itself. This fear is known as Meningitophobia. Most will realize that brain disease also includes dementia, and the reality of that prospect can instil a great deal of fear in a person.

Fear of having a brain diseases can be from a friend or loved one who has suffered from this disease. Watching a loved one deteriorate from such may cause trauma and instil fear on the person watching it. Their pronounced anxiety related to this fear can leave you feeling as if it is worth fearing – even if you never thought so previously.

An individual with this fear is likely fixated on prevention techniques, even when no mental disease is known or expected. They will look for supplements that claim to assist in improving brain function, they may engage in mental brain strengthening academic exercises and they may work to keep up to date on advances in treating mental disease.

The frustration with this phobia is that persons who are attempting to prevent the disease can actually exhibit symptoms that resemble the onset of brain disease.

Sometimes the help a meningitophobe needs can be found through therapy. This approach allows a therapist to help you rewind life’s programming to find out where the fear started and what caused the initial obsession. They can then work to deal with that fear along with the emotional response that is often the motivation towards greater fear.