Melophobia- Fear or hatred of music

Music as they say can tame the beast and that it goes beyond language and cultural barriers when it comes to matters or words of the heart. Many times, music calms an individual and can even make a person remember a specific time and place in their past that is somehow emotionally tied to the music. The melody that we listen to can somehow become a part of us. For some of us, music may not be pleasant and can even cause anxiety and fear, this is termed as melophobia.

Sound, just like smell or taste are portals to our memories stored in our minds. For many of us, it is a way of getting back to the place that are positive to us but for those who fear it, it brings them back to a place that reminds them of something dreadful and tormenting.
Persons who are afraid of music, they can have a very limited playlist and they can be distracted easily at work where music is usually played such as malls or grocery stores.

They may find that they will need help learning to rediscover the beauty in music. Music is not inherently good or evil, it is simply a means of conveying emotion. Therapy sessions can help one to deal with the fear as well as the underlying causes for the phobic reactions.