Medomalacuphobia- Fear of losing an erection

For males, erectile dysfunction has always been an issue as this can cause embarrassment or can be degrading to males especially when they can’t satisfy their partners. In a sexually active relationship, a fully erected penis is needed and is important in the overall experience of both partners. When there is fear of losing an erection, this is termed as Medomalacuphobia. This phobia may be why erectile dysfunction drugs are very common in today’s society as these drugs provide self-confidence and possibility of greater stamina.

This fear can be traced up to fear of ridicule. The act of lovemaking is the most crucial and most vulnerable act known to mankind and a threat of being ridiculed in this moment can cause some men to stay away from intercourse rather than be frustrated and be ridiculed.
This fear can be especially acute if the individual was actually ridiculed by their partner. This can be especially damaging for a man who may already live with feelings of inadequacy and personal vulnerability.

When a person fears losing an erection, they will usually avoid a potential sex partner and might even view themselves as worthless or defective. These persons might not even have the guts to share their problems and pursue help. They might not have impotency but the possibility can be a great influence. Symptoms may include trembling, urge to flee or panic attacks and even sudden turning down during foreplay.

Coming to terms with erectile dysfunction is difficult because the issue is so painful on a personal level. Men would often rather live with the problem then openly speak about the issue with their primary health care provider. Medications are of great help in cases of erectile dysfunction. Your primary health care provider assumes patient confidentiality and your issues will not be discussed with others.