Mechanophobia- Fear of machines

We live in an industrialized world, and machines have become a part of our daily living to the point that it would be so much trouble if one of our efficient machines in the workplace did not work. But some of us have fear of machines and this is called Mechanophobia. When machines were first used, many thought that this could take away jobs from many and some even viewed them as evil. In the olden times, many reluctant to accept machines and this reluctance lead to fear. Fear of machines can also be caused due to a previous trauma by direct contact with a machine such as those who have missing limbs, fingers or toes or even crushed some bones.

People who fear machines will always avoid industrial places or machinery. Their homes may have fireplaces for heat or candles for light. Some of them may have no trouble with the benefits of machinery as long as they don’t have to have physical contact with the machine itself. Symptoms may be dizziness, elevated heart rate and temperature, panic attacks, trembling or even the urge to flee.
Every machine has its own purpose and they are created for ease and comfort. Understanding this fact can help the person ease his fears.

A therapist can work with you to walk with you back to the origin of your fears and retrace your steps to anxiety. They can help you undo the damage of mistaken beliefs. They can also work with you to understand a new and less emotionally draining way to respond to fear.