Maniaphobia- Fear of insanity

The fear of becoming insane is known as Maniaphobia. This fear may hinder a person’s improvement in life. In history, it has been an appalling stigma to be called insane. It has also led to cruel treatment of those who are afflicted with mental illness such as schizophrenia or depression. For this reason, some people have a great fear of being insane. If there are incidences of mental illness in a family history, this phobia may be more likely to occur. Mental illness often has a genetic component.

One of the main trigger of fearing insanity is the loss of control that the insanity brings to its victims. People who have this fear will always be afraid of having the fright of the odd behaviors that draw criticism from society. Some forms of mental illness bring with them strange compulsions and tics that are met with great derision by insensitive, uneducated people.

Mental illness is often misunderstood and many people can’t make the proper distinction between certain types of insanity. Many people look to examples of schizophrenic violence as a reason for fearing insanity. They may feel compelled to do awful things, as though they are being programmed by some demonic force. Their delusions have led to some terrible crimes. The symptoms of those who exhibit fear of insanity will include avoidance of anyone who has strange behaviors. Physical symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and elevated heart beat may accompany interaction with an insane.

Treatment for this disorder should include education about insanity and its treatment with therapy and medication. Talking to a counsellor about fears may allow for some release of tension. In some cases, anti-anxiety medication may be prescribed to ease symptoms.