Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking

These days, cooking shows, celebrity cook offs and celebrity chefs are becoming more and more popular. While many people enjoy experimenting with ingredients and recipes, other people may avoid cooking and may even suffer with their daily lives due to this fear. These people who have fear of cooking are diagnosed with Mageirocophobia. The fear of cooking usually stems from uncertainty about cooking skills. Some may just be deficient from the ability to prepare food properly. A bad experience from cooking may also cause this. Cooking injuries such as burns can exacerbate this phobia. Those who suffered kitchen injuries may have post traumatic stress disorders and time spent in the kitchen during those traumatic experiences may cause stress.

Symptoms may range from nervousness, sense of doom, light-headedness and nausea. Due to this, people may always turn to take outs and can contribute to unhealthy diets and even truncal obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Treatment of the fear of cooking should begin with education. Almost everyone can learn to prepare basic, healthy foods with a little practice and patience. An experienced instructor who understands a student’s fears will be a superb companion on the journey to wellness. A simple cooking class at a local community college may help to ease fears.

Psychotherapy may be required. If this phobia is impacting someone’s ability to eat healthfully or prepare nutritious foods for their family, it is important to seek out the care of a qualified mental health professional.

It is important to understand that cooking can be creative, relaxing and nourishing. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy healthful meals they prepare themselves. The fear of cooking can be overcome with time, treatment, and patience.