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Macrophobia- Fear of long waits

Ever been caught in a midnight sale or last minute Christmas shopping? Waiting for the endless long line, waiting for an answer from a telephone service company or even just waiting for the doctor can cause anxiety for people. Some of us may not mind it but when a person has an unnatural fear of long waits, they are said to have Macrophobia.

Waiting requires patience, but it can also be a brilliant reminder that we are not ultimately in control of the things that happen to us. This is often a reason the frustration of wait turns into a phobia. This fear may sprung by our inability to manipulate circumstances to our advantage. We can go to a certain place for help and we feel helpless to create the desired atmosphere for our expectations. This can also be problematic when an individual is waiting for an answer that is long delayed in coming. The individual might have gotten this fear also from a relative who suffers from the same fear. If a parent fears long waits this will seem perfectly normal, acceptable and a correct life decision by children.

Persons with this fear may include comfortable shopping online or having someone else do the shopping for them or do the waiting for them. Others may manifest as sweating, urge to flee, fainting and feeling as if things are closing in one you.

Self-acceptance can be a hard thing for those who live with phobias, but essential to healing. Healing this phobia may require you to alter the way you think about things. You will also be desensitized and exposed to places where you need to wait. A therapist can help you understand why you experience this fear and can help pinpoint the circumstances that led you to this place of high anxiety.