Lyssophobia- Fear of rabies or of becoming mad

Lyssophobia is the fear of having rabies or of becoming mad. An individual may expresses a visible and irrational fear in the presence of any animal that they know to be possibly rabid. One might have been bitten by a dog in the past and was subject to several injections for rabies and thus this caused the fear. Some might have learned from their parents or friends the fear of dogs and other animals. Others might have also developed this phobia after reading about rabies or watching about it in the news or on TV about the effects of rabies and the possibility that it can cause you to be mad.

Symptoms of Lyssophobia include shortness of breath, tremors, panic, sweating, feeling faint, nausea, loss of control, screaming, weeping, urge to flee and increased heart rate. Some may freeze when they see dogs or other animals. They would prefer to stay indoors and would avoid places where they know they will find animals such as the zoo.

Overcoming this fear must first understand that it may actually be a fear of animals, bites or other encounters. Consulting a therapist can help answer inquiries and get to the root cause of the fear being experienced. Most cases have a specific event that led you to that fear and knowing that will help move past that fear towards recovery.