Lutraphobia- Fear of otters

Otters can be considered as cute and harmless creatures for most people but some people can have an excessive fear of otters known as Lutraphobia. Fear of otters are not entirely irrational because there are valid reasons for fearing them.

Otters are normally playful, they are not shy creatures and may interact with humans when encountered while swimming. But they are solitary creatures that prefer the dark, and when startled in the water may attack another person. They also have very sharp teeth and can be quite aggressive when provoked. There have been several stories of otter attacks thus this could have contributed to the fear of these sea creatures. Most of the people with this fear might have been bitten or attacked by otters in the past or have seen these creatures attack another person.

People with this fear avoid swimming in bodies of water where these creatures are found. The thought and mention of otters may be enough to trigger symptoms of anxiety in some people with extreme phobia.

Behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy may help to control the symptoms of anxiety. Medications are usually not given because we can avoid otters, and avoidance is most often enough to alleviate symptoms of this fear.