Logophobia- Fear of words

We use words every day of our lives, without which we are unable to communicate. But there are some people who have an irrational fear of words and this is called logophobia.

This fear usually originates from childhood. Experiences where at a young age there were high demands to learn new words. Phobic individuals have extreme emotions to these events, and subsequently get heightened fears. The fear of words may also be caused by illiteracy. Most of the people who fear words are those who do not know how to read and when confronted with words, they shut down immediately and refuse to try to read the words in front of them. Some might have also had a bad experience in a spelling bee for instance wherein they misspelled a word and was subject to humiliation.

The fear of words can bring about many physical symptoms, such as breathlessness, excessive sweating, shaking, inability to think, feeling nauseated, panic attacks, paranoia and even a fear of death.

Hypnosis can be an effective tool to cure the fear of words. It allows the individual to work on this embarrassing phobia. With the privacy of home using this therapy, the individual can have a peace of mind while steadily removing the phobia.