Logizomechanophobia- Fear of computers

The extreme and irrational fear of technology is known as Logizomechanophobia. Other names for this phobia include Technophobia or Cyberphobia. This phobia relates especially to an unreasonable fear of computers. Technophobes usually avoid everyday devices such as ATM machines and computers, specifically fearing the outcome of having to use them. They usually exhibits the following symptoms in response to the use of technology:panic, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, tremors, and extreme isolation or avoidance.

There is no universal cause of logizomechanophobia, but rather traumatic instances from the past are usually the culprit of this phobia. An example is losing a job due to technological advances.

Another reason might be one’s fear of learning how to use a computer, especially if they found it extremely difficult to grasp the concepts and terminology associated with computers. Persons with this fear will do anything to avoid computers. The mere sight or thought of using a computer can cause one to have palpitations, tremors, cold feet and other symptoms of anxiety.

The root cause of fear should be addressed and may be done aided by a therapist. Patients are also taught little by little how to use a computer and should be taught that computers make our lives a lot easier and they are not our enemies.