Lockiophobia- Fear of childbirth

Lockiophobia is the fear of childbirth and may also be referred to as Tocophobia or Parturiphobia. This phobia is not only limited to fear of childbirth but may also include the fear of pregnancy.

This fear may be due to the physical changes that occur in the woman’s body, as well as the changes that happen in their lives when they get pregnant. Some also fear that they might not be carrying a normal child, or that they could die during childbirth. This fear is not totally without basis because childbirth is not always an uncomplicated event but anything can happen to the mother or the child during childbirth.

This fear might also be caused by stories of excruciating pain that they had to endure for hours during childbirth. For some, this fear of pain may be the trigger of this phobia. For others, the fear that they cannot deliver the baby via normal means and getting a C-section is scary thus they develop signs and symptoms of anxiety when the time for giving birth draws near.

Women with this phobia avoid getting pregnant at all cost. For the women who had already experienced childbirth and was a traumatic experience for them, they may use birth control, and some might even get their tubes tied or ask their husbands to get a vasectomy.

Women should be educated that childbirth, especially if in the hospital, is now closely monitored and that is done in a controlled environment. But they should not be assured that childbirth is without complications as well because as we mentioned before, anything can happen during childbirth that is beyond the control of the physician or midwife.