Liticaphobia – Fear of lawsuits

Fear of lawsuits is a real phobia that exists in our society today. Most of us are scared to be summoned in court but most of us fear being sued because we fear the consequences. Liticaphobia might have been caused by watching too many courtroom television dramas and movies and have not actually been sued in real life. The scenes on TV are usually exaggerated thus this aggravates the fear that may be already present in the viewer.

One might have had a parent who was sued before and did everything to prevent the lawsuit from being pursued and could have passed on this fear to their children. A lack of understanding of the law and the rules of court might also be the cause of this phobia. For others, fearing that they will be sentenced to lifetime imprisonment or even to mercy killing or electrocution is the source of the fear.

People with this phobia are unusually law-abiding and will do everything so that they don’t do anything unjust or wrong. They may exhibit symptoms of anxiety such as palpitations, tremors, restlessness, and may have the urge to run away or flee even if they are not inside a courtroom and may be just talking to lawyers or clerks of court.

Treatment includes proper education and psychotherapy may be needed in some cases.