Linonophobia- Fear of string

We use strings to tie our stuff in place, secure things so that they don’t fall off and are very useful in our everyday lives. But there are some people who fear strings and they are called linonophobes. People with this fear might have experienced being tied up in the past, whether they were tied up because of a punishment. Some might have developed this fear because of watching TV or in the movies people being tied up while their houses were being robbed, or being tied up when they were captured or kidnapped.

This fear of strings could be associated with their fear of being restrained or restricted. For some, being tied with a rope is like being forced to do something that they do not like or is something that they could not escape.

Linonophobes usually have no problems wearing clothes, but shoes with laces may be a problem and they may prefer leather and slip on shoes. Clothes with buttons are not a problem as well but those with strings are avoided. Symptoms of Linonophobia include shortness of breath, tremors, nausea, fainting, loss of control, sweating, increased heart rate, and urge to flee.

Therapy sessions are valuable to all who suffer from string phobias. Educating them about their fears can help reduce the anxiety and improve responses to therapy.