Ligyrophobia- Fear of loud noises

Loud noise can be scary for some people especially if this has caused them to be startled and being scared is a normal reaction. But some have this irrational, persistent and extreme fear of loud noise and is termed as ligyrophobia or phonophobia. There are several triggers for this fear including a previous traumatic experience wherein they were startled by a loud noise and accidentally fell or tripped, or dropped something valuable. Others could have been yelled at a lot when they were kids and this caused them to fear loud noise subsequently.
Still others are scared of loud noise because they think that it can pop their eardrum and cause them to become deaf, even if this is not the truth. Others could have had a bad ear infection that caused them to be ultrasensitive to loud sound thus they are scared that they will experience the same thing.

Symptoms include palpitations, tremors, and other symptoms of anxiety when they hear loud noise. They will opt to be in quiet places and will avoid crowded places like the mall or even a classroom. They will even avoid going to children’s parties because they are scared of balloons popping.

Treatment includes cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy. Medications are not usually given for this phobia.