Lachanophobia- Fear of vegetables

Lachanophobia is the irrational and persistent fear of vegetables. A phobic person might have been forced to eat vegetables as a child even if he did not like the taste and was maybe even punished for not eating his or her vegetables. Some might have observed vegetables growing in the garden and saw that some of the leaves had caterpillars or worms on them and maybe even insects and they fear that if they eat vegetables, they might accidentally eat one of these creepy, crawly creatures.

For others, they might be scared that if they accidentally swallow a seed of the vegetable that it will grow inside them.

Phobic individuals often stay away from places where vegetables are present, meaning that they may not go to restaurants or groceries.
Sometimes it also extends to the point that they might avoid foods with vegetables like pizzas with tomatoes. Symptoms of Lachanophobia include shortness of breath, tremors, weeping, screaming, fainting, increased heart rate, increased body temperature, loss of control and urge to flee.

Overcoming this fear depends on the individual’s understanding about the fear and his or her response. It often requires a therapist and it is important to know the root cause of the fear. A therapist can be instrumental upon the educating the individual and get a desired response.