Kyphophobia- Fear of stooping

At least once or several times a day, a person stoops to pick up something, to tie our shoes, clean our toes when taking a bath among other things. But there are some individuals who fear stooping and this is called kyphophobia. This usually develops after one has experienced something traumatic while engaged in the thing they now fear. One might have developed severe back pain after stooping, could have been accidentally been trampled on by somebody who did not see him or her. One might also fear that if they stoop too much, they will become like the old people they see on TV that could not anymore stand up straight but stay stooped.

Kyphophobics experience high anxiety when it comes to stooping. When they drop something, they will just leave it as it is to avoid stooping. They also become anxious seeing someone else bend over. Other symptoms in this phobia include shortness of breath, tremors, nausea, panic, screaming, weeping, increased heart rate, loss of control, and urge to flee.

To overcome this fear, a kyphophobe should have the understanding of why stooping is generally not harmful. A therapist can help identify the issues involved with the fear and begin working on helping the individual respond to fear in a more rational way.