Kosmikophobia- Fear of cosmic phenomenon

Meteor showers and comets in the sky are fascinating things that occur and one can be considered lucky if they were able to witness this. But there are individuals who fear cosmic phenomenon and this is known as Kosmikophobia. Movies depicting destruction of the world from an asteroid strike or eventual fading of the sun’s power can make a person obsessive about the role of cosmic phenomenon in our lives. Some also believe that a cosmic phenomenon brings with them bad omen and they fear that something bad will happen to them or to the earth.

Usually, kosmikophobics spend a lot of time observing the sky for evidence of impending doom and tend to isolate themselves from society and do not go outside. Symptoms of this fear include shortness of breath, tremors, increased heart rate, panic, loss of control, urge to flee, sweating, pessimism and nausea.

Treating this phobia starts by asking yourself how many people have been killed or injured by a cosmic phenomenon. Visiting a therapist can also provide strategies on how to understand your fears and how to manage it. The therapist will try to point out the root cause of the fear and other fears that may be linked to it.