Kopophobia- Fear of fatigue

Kopophobia is the fear of becoming fatigued or exhausted, either mentally or physically. They find the idea of fatigue as something to be feared especially when they have a debilitating illness like chronic fatigue syndrome. They feel as if as though they are hanging on by a thread, if anyone demands more from them. Usually it starts when one is overwhelmed with responsibility that they had from past experiences. The individual may feel that they cannot manage the stress and the fear can develop as they obsess about living through experiencing fatigue again.

Individuals will avoid strenuous exercise stressful jobs and outdoor adventures. They would tend to have rest, practice good health practices and may resist friendship with those who speak positively about the benefits of a little fatigue, this leading to social anxiety.

Symptoms of kopophobia include shortness of breath, panic, tremors, increased heart rate, increased body temperatures, nausea, screaming, weeping, loss of control and urge to flee.

To overcome kopophobia, one must understand that fatigue is normal.
A kopophobe may need the help of a therapist to understand the fear they experience. The therapist can also get to the root cause of the fear and learn on how to manage it and get the desired response of gradually overcoming it.