Kinetophobia or Kinesophobia- Fear of movement or motion

Many people enjoy walking or running, but people who fear movement may have a phobia known as Kinetophobia. This is somewhat ironic because we cannot stay stationary at all. We even move in our sleep. This fear may also involve personally fearing movement or seeing other people move, animals or even things move. For them moving may seem as if they are about to lose control and end up hurting others if they move.

This fear might have been brought about by a traumatic experience in the past wherein they were told as kids not to run around the house but they defied orders and ended up breaking mom’s favourite vase for instance and was severely punished for it. These people might also have balance problems or vertigo wherein too much movement can cause them severe dizziness and vomiting thus they fear moving too much.

Symptoms also include tremors, nausea, shortness of breath, weeping, crying, loss of control, feeling helpless, panic attacks, increased heart rates and increased body temperature.

Individuals with kinetophobia should understand that movement is normal and necessary. Therapists will work to uncover the hidden lie or understanding that may have lead to that fear. Understanding the root cause of the fear, they may also be able to move one and manage the fear triggers.