Hypsiphobia – Fear of height

Hypsiphobia generally refers back to the irrational, persistent and unwarranted concern of height.

Just like in most phobias, the concern and other similar emotions concerned in hypsiphobia like alarm, fright, terror, etc. have an excellent tendency for an outburst although there is just a bit or as a rule no precise danger or risk at all.

At present, hypsiphobia is likely one of the most degrading phobias capable of ruining one’s career, social and family relationships and even one’s life as a whole.

Symptoms of Hypsiphobia

Usually, the person with hypsiphobia goes through a hard time dealing with and handling unlikely feelings of nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, excessive sweating, feeling sick, shaking, coronary heart palpitations, fear of dying, and speech and thinking problems.

What’s even worser, if the worry of the person with hypsiphobia becomes more severe, she or he will more or less experience extra serious emotions of uncontrollable temperament, sense of detachment from reality and a full blown nervousness or panic attack.

Possible Causes of Hypsiphobia

Possible cause of hypsiphobia is at times being linked to some brain irregularities as a consequence of chemical imbalance and insufficiency.

However, oftentimes, development and eventually occurrence of phobias like hypsiphobia is related to some traumatic expertise from the past where in there may be presence of top and another similar stimuli.

Treatments for Hypsiphobia

In terms of treatments, a person suffering from hypsiphobia can actually try the standard therapies and potent drugs.

So far, many individuals prefer to go for therapies though they usually eat a lot of time and effort. It is is said that therapies are far more better than potent medication because they remedy the disorder itself and not solely the symptoms that come along.

Similarly, therapies, unlike drugs, do not have side effects that cause distress and bother and withdrawal effects if stopped abruptly, so they are more manageable and really much safer.